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About us

For all kinds of fire and safety solution and products, just one leading name is heard loud. When it comes to the production, distribution and installation of cutting-edge products, nothing matches the diversity and uniqueness of the MAF range. But we also deal with fire and safety products of many other brands, presenting our customers with a wide array of options.

All of the products in the MAF range have received international acclaim and recognition. They are most trusted by all of our customers too. Anyhow, sometimes even our best of our customers come seeking certain products from various other brands for particular reasons. As a brand committed to the most service for our customers, we make it sure that they get what they need.

We supply innovative solution to supply the maximum safety and reliability; offering quality products and effective technical support that help customers understand and use the system accurately. We always deliver just the best, whether it is quality, pricing or be it even customer support. Our partnership with the customer is long-bound, founded on the principles of efficiency, transparency, and uncompromised quality.

Our Products and Solutions

Five years in to making lives safer, we have already accomplished a few milestones in our trail to growth. Our accomplished projects, products and other services speak loud of the quality and integrity we hold in the market. We provide a broad portfolio of water and foam based fire-fighting products. Our products have been successfully used and field tested for over 2 decades. Products carry various approvals including UL, FM, CE and many more. The company’s global footprint and the critical nature of its products and services play a key role in expanding its distribution to many countries across the world.

Our Growth in the past 5 years

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