MAF Gas LLC is a part of a bigger and diversified business group operating in the United Arab Emirates. Since installation, it has proven all records of efficient services. Our operational task consists in the development, production, and distribution of the best technologies for a safe use of LPG, NG & SNG Systems. The reference market for MAF Gas is the Building and industrial market. Another task is constituted in the distribution of system technologies for natural gas market;  piping networks, pressure regulating stations,  and Gas Detection System. A team of persons who operates in tune with companies targets in an atmosphere of continuous improvement which allows consolidating a long-lasting satisfaction relationships with the customers.


About us

All of the products in the MAF range have received international acclaim and recognition. They are most trusted by all of our customers too. Anyhow,  even our best of customers seek certain products from various other brands for particular reasons. As a brand committed to the most service for our customers, we make it sure that they get what they need.

Right from consulting and designing to testing and maintaining, MAF Gas is all equipped with a dedicated team of engineers and professionals, ready to take on projects of all scopes and scales. Whether a new project or an existing one, we have customized design solutions to cater to the requirements of all kinds of structures including residential, commercial, industrials, hotels, malls, villas etc..

Some of our products and services include:

Central Gas System

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Installation and Annual Maintenance

Specialized pipeline & fittings installation

  • LPG/NG/SNG Pipeline
  • Industrial Gases Pipeline
  • Fuel tank pipeline
  • Medical Gas pipeline

LPG Vaporizer

Control Valves and Regulators

Gas Flow Meters

Gas Solenoid Valves

Pressure Vessel Fittings

Gas Detection Systems

Gas Tank Level Monitoring System

Industrial Gas Detection Systems

Application Area

We make thorough assessment and site study before proposing a new system to make the most cost effective and precision. Our tendering and marketing teams coordinate to get a better price for any estimates; be it domestic, industrial and commercial gas installation system or LPG for thermal equipment.

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Schools & Laboratories
  • Central Kitchen
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Coffee shops & Cafeteria
  • Food Courts & Shopping Malls


Our working style ensures efficient use of resources thus not damaging the environment or the planet we live in. This way helps in balancing the eco-system emitting lesser pollution. As we envision to provide safest and trouble-free operating system, we guarantee against any tragic mishaps and causing material loss, and helping the world a secure and peaceful place to live in.


It is our mission to make all our installations the best of the quality and guarantee complete safety to ensure trouble free operation. Together with that, our top priority is that making our customers, our employees and also our partners satisfied.


MAF GAS’ core values revolve around a commitment to its clients in all fields, starting from the quality of products used, the processes followed and the time of delivery. Our values can be summarized as: Commitment, Trust, Quality and Integrity


  • Industrial Copper Pipe Line

  • Bottling Plant

  • Pipeline Fittings

  • Low Pressure Regulator

  • Tank Yard

  • PRDP Station

  • 2 nd Stage PRDP

  • Pressure Gage

  • Hydraulic Pipe

  • Pipe Joint

  • Control PC

  • Semiconductor

  • 3 Cylinder Manifold

  • Pipeline Installation

  • Burner

  • Flame

  • AMC

  • Regulator Fittings

  • Regulator

  • Cylinder Regulator

  • Post Paid Meter

  • Pre Paid Meter

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