The initiatives put forward by MAF Fire & Safety LLC in Corporate Social Responsibility aims at imparting complete benefits to the society. It includes expanding organizational ethical codes, effective participation of employees and launching new programs and initiatives by holding company culture. CSR mainly presents its impression through charitable, philanthropic, environmental and volunteer based categories. It can also be the ultimate development process that includes effective participation of both public and private sectors. CSR has become a quite important facet of a private company’s hierarchy that must be integrated to its mission and vision.

How CSR must be practiced? • Focus and define mission, vision and CSR values • Employees must be aware of CSR • Plan for measurable objectives • Establish a CSR strategy • Create yearly goals for local initiatives • Encourage employees’ participation in incentive programs and offer rewards • Invest in developmental and humanitarian sector • MAF goals on implementing CSR

MAF Fire and Safety LLC.’s mission reflects its ethical codes and values in a way that are beneficial to the entire society. Our yearly goals consist of events and awareness campaigns to provide knowledge about the important issues and to enlighten people’s lives.

We set goals to achieve social, voluntary, humane and charitable activities to benefit society and continuously evaluate them to develop to reach as many people.

MAF Fire and Safety LLC. continuously engages in initiatives to make the world a better place to live in safely. We also focus on recognizing small time entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and concepts. Also, we coordinate with local organizations with its effective developmental and humanitarian investments and contribute in an effective manner.

Our CSR implementation strategy will definitely make us a part in the development of the country with vision, environmental, human and voluntary goals, event calendars and we make partners with local entities that have similar goals.


All employees of our team are our great asset, and we look into their well-being and happiness. We welcome all festivals and celebrate all kinds of small and big, personal and other events - from birthdays to new-year events together. We organize medical check-ups for their well-being and also organize fun-trips and recreation programs for them to relax and refresh. Similarly, we are also inclined in serving the society that we live in to make it a better, safer and secure place. We organize awareness programs and other public events useful for the common mass.