Metro Railways

The fire characteristics in a metro tunnel are uniquely different from those in buildings. The main fire load in a metro tunnel is the train itself and there is a likelihood for the fire to spread along the cabin cars due to the effects of fire in the confined space. Unlike building fires, a train fire may still be in motion within a tunnel and the air in the tunnel may also be flowing due to the operation of the mechanical ventilation system. The consideration of fire safety in rail and in tramps, it has been increasing over recent years at a rapid rate. There are many steps of the requirement for fire protection that must be followed by metro rail operators. All systems including passenger compartments, electrical systems and switch cabinets pose lots of considerations for fire protection system while installations. With rail tunnel development booming worldwide, fire protection and safety measures have come to the force once again. With key technologies such as reaction-to-fire properties of rolling stock, fixed Gas suppression systems, improved fire detection systems including video-based automatic incident detection systems and the automatic deployment of pre-set emergency plans, the industry tries to minimise the danger of tunnel fires.