It is with great pleasure that I introduce MAF FIRE SAFETY SECURITY L.L.C. In our present world the word “safety” has high relevance, hence we have proudly renewed our motto to a safer world.

Our dedicated organization provides high quality services in engineering, installation and maintenance to our customers across the UAE. Our extensive services includeFire alarm systems,Security systems, Emergency & Exit light systemsand all types of Fire Fighting systems.


We provides all types of design, supply, engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance services to local authorities, educational authorities, hotels, industrial sites and many more commercial applications.

Our engineers and technicians are trained and experienced in specific fire fighting areas and equipment and hence we can serve as a one stop solution provider for fire safety requirements.

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Customer Review

Fire Safety Services are reliable, professional and they have strong work ethics. We have built up a trustworthy relationship with them and we are reassured by their fire safety knowledge. They offer an Account Managed service supported by qualified and personable Technicians who are responsive to our needs.

John M., Dubai, UAE

They provide first class customer service and their expert advice makes them leaders in their field. This is backed up by their third party accreditation in all aspects of fire safety, which is vital reassurance for our company.

Mary J., Dubai, UAE

The engineers are polite & professional and always consistent. Therefore each site is known and managed without any issue.

Alan B., Dubai, UAE


Every year, hundreds of people are killed or injured and millions of dollars lost in property damage as a result of fire. Not only industrial facilities, but residential, leisure, transport and all kinds of premises are also vulnerable to fire incidents. Most of these incidents are preventable with the right precautions, installations and equipment. This is where MAF can help.

Established in 2012, MAF Fire Safety & Security LLC is a UAE based company with its head office in Dubai. We are a specialist Fire Engineering Company and offer design, supply, engineering, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance services to government and civic authorities, educational institutions, hospitality business, industrial premises and many more commercial applications.

We have a team of qualified, trained and experienced engineers and technicians for taking care of fire fighting and fire alarm works. Our professional manpower includes project team headed by the Project Engineer and maintenance team headed by the Site Engineer.

Within a short span of time, we have amassed an enviable list of clients that include some of the blue chip organizations and government institutions. Our uncompromised quality standards and timely completion of projects have placed us among the most sought after fire safety companies in the region.


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  • studio & loft
  • eco floors
  • modern ceiling
  • panorama windows & doors
  • office designs
  • creative studio decor

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